Against the Storm celebrates 500.000 sales with a major overhaul

The game currently holds a 95% “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam with over 11,000 reviews.
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Eremite Games announced that Against the Storm, the best-selling dark fantasy roguelike city-building game, has sold over half a million copies. The Polish studio also shared that the development team released the first step in its grand plan to overhaul the game’s meta-layer.

The “Cycles Reforged” update kicks off the new-and-improved early access roadmap by introducing three new systems – Ancient Seals, Viceroy’s Caravans, and World Events.

Ancient Seals
These ancient structures were built long ago to hold a primeval, malevolent force at bay, but the seals have weakened over time. Provided players meet certain conditions; they will be able to launch a special mission on a new unique biome to try and reforge the seal and keep the mysterious force at bay.

Viceroy’s Caravans
From now on, the player’s Viceroy party has a physical representation on the World Map once it leaves the Smoldering City, and they can only embark from the caravan’s current location, which will be the most recent successful settlement. That means each Cycle is now one large expedition and will require careful planning.

World Events
As players make their way across the world, they will encounter new “World Events.” The main purpose of these is to offer some decision or challenge, as well as make the World Map feel more exciting and alive. Events are closely tied to another new mechanic – caravan upgrades – and players will be rewarded for solving them with additional embarkation goods, villagers, or temporary buffs.

Against the Storm is still in early access on PC via SteamGOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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