Alconost introduces a professional translation service Nitro

Alconost, which provides localization and translation solutions to its users, has launched the new and advanced Nitro.
Alconost provides translation services in more than seventy languages with Nitro.
Alconost provides translation services in more than seventy languages with Nitro.

Translation and localization is an area where many developers need help today. Localization is an essential issue for products to be recognized globally. But translating even elementary texts into dozens of languages is a difficult task that takes quite a while. That’s why Alconost offers its users a new solution.

Alconost is a company that produces localization and translation solutions. Recently, the company launched its latest professional translation service, Nitro. Providing solutions for many transactions that require translation, the service already provides translation services in more than 70 languages.

Nitro set out to take the heavy workload of translations off the shoulders of developer companies and their users. The Alconost team is very excited about their new service. Nitro, which has already attracted the attention of interested users, is promising.

CEO Alexander-Murauski
Alexander Murauski, CEO of Alconost

Stating that they used the application among themselves before, Alconost Inc. Its CEO, Alexander Murauski, said in a comment:

“Back then, I never imagined how amazing Nitro would become. But with users sharing their feedback, and thanks to our team of devoted translators and developers, Nitro has become an essential solution for professional translation. Not just for devs, but for everyone. We translate app updates, marketing copy, ads, sales emails, blog posts, newsletters, work instructions, and even love letters. Currently, we translate into more than 70 languages. And we’re adding more languages all the time.”

Nitro is supported by professional native-speaking translators, support engineers, talented developers, and administrators. The company’s CEO Murauski states that they deliver 60% of the translations in just two hours. Already, thousands of small texts are translated every day by professional translators through the Nitro service.

Moreover, a special coupon was given for the promotion. If you want to try the service, you can use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get $15 off.

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