Angelic: The Chaos Theatre, developed by Metaverse Game Studios, is approaching open beta

Metaverse Game Studios Inc., a distinguished independent game development company led by industry veterans, recently announced its Strategy-RPG game Angelic: The Chaos Theatre on the Epic Store.
Angelic Key Art

As a pioneering title, Angelic is distinguished by its adoption of a collaborative intellectual property model and presence on the Epic Store and Steam platforms, solidifying its position as a standout addition to the sci-fi turn-based strategy RPG genre.

While the turn-based strategy genre gained massive traction with the resounding success of Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3, sci-fi RPGs gained momentum due to the anticipation surrounding acclaimed developer Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming epic Starfield.

Set in a collaborative and dark sci-fi universe, Angelic: The Chaos Theatre offers players an immersive narrative strategy-RPG experience where they actively contribute to a shared intellectual property. Metaverse Game Studios‘ vision is to foster a decentralized and democratized universe jointly owned and managed by developers and the community.

Metaverse Game Studios CEO Erkan Bayol said,

“The expansion of Angelic onto the Epic Store is a moment of pride and excitement for us. We’ve overcome numerous challenges, pouring countless hours of tireless work, sleepless nights, and dedication into achieving this significant milestone. However, we recognize this as just the beginning of the next chapter of our journey. We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of ‘Angelic: The Chaos Theatre,’ where we can unveil our revolutionary game mechanics and share our captivating universe with players.”

Players can now wishlist Angelic: The Chaos Theatre on both Steam and the Epic Store.

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