Axie Infinity gets an esports grant of $2.4 million from its creator Sky Mavis

The planned events and tournaments will reward AXS coins, Axie Infinity’s currency.
Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis logos

Sky Mavis has announced an esports grant of $2.4 million for its game Axie Infinity. The company will use the funding to plan and execute professional tournaments and invitationals. AXS coins, Axie Infinity’s currency will be the main currency for the planned events.

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The first grant recipient has also been announced as Method MetaGuild, a joint venture blockchain firm. The company is owned by the metaverse company Everyrealm, and Method, an esports organization company.

With this grant, Method MetaGuild will have a total of $160.000 to spend on LAN and online competition prizes. The company will be able to allocate prize pools as they see fit, although there are some guidelines as to which event will be called a major tournament and which ones will be minor.

Major tournaments are required to have a prize pool of over $200.001 and under $1.000.000. Minor events will be much more modest, with a prize pool between $1.000 and $9.999.

Sky Mavis has claimed that this is the third grant program they have launched. According to the statement, Axie Infinity has already supported over 94 tournaments and will continue to do so.

Andrew “Zyori” Campbell, ex-Dota 2 commentator, now an active member of Sky Mavis, had these comments about the grant:

“The launch of Axie Infinity: Origins is a key milestone in the Axie roadmap that will allow us to unlock the next level of Axie Esports. It’s been empowering to see more of our players engage with Axie Esports, and more traditional gamers enter the Axie ecosystem as we continue to up the ante.”

NFT games are beginning to move up in the world of esports, and it’s safe to say that more and more tournaments will be held in the upcoming year. Fans and investors will undoubtedly keep an eye on Axie Infinity.

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