Babil Games co-founders leave the company 

The Co-Founders of Babil Games, AJ Fahmi and MJ Fahmi are to leave the company to explore “uncharted territory in the gaming world.”

Babil Games Co-Founders MJ and AJ Fahmi have departed from the game developer and publisher, marking the end of an 11-year journey since founding the company in 2012. Announcing their departure on his LinkedIn account, AJ Fahmi expressed their intent to explore new entrepreneurial landscapes while hinting at a continued involvement in the games industry.

Currently serving as the CEO and Founder of Big Green Grape LLC, AJ Fahmi shared the news, emphasizing that their departure signifies a new beginning for Babil Games, which is positioned for continued excellence and market leadership. The co-founders expressed confidence that the exceptional team will lead the company into the future.

AJ Fahmi reflected on the growth and success of Babil Games over the past 11 years, highlighting the company’s evolution from a startup to a leader in the mobile game industry in the MENA region. The strategic alliance with Stillfront Group in 2016 played a significant role in this journey, leading to Babil Games becoming a notable player in the industry.

The Co-Founder expressed pride in leaving Babil Games in the hands of an exceptional team, expressing confidence in their ability to guide the company toward further growth and success. While marking a milestone for the Fahmi brothers, this transition is a new chapter for Babil Games.

Founded in 2012, Babil Games is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with additional offices in Amman, Jordan. The company, known for titles such as Strike of Nations, War Storm, and Nida Harb 3, was acquired by Stillfront Group in late 2016 in a deal valued at up to $17 million.

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