BLACK STIGMA: All-new noir action shooting game available on Steam

Do you sometimes fantasize about being a spy wearing a fancy suit in a noir film? Or how about being a hitman that pretends to be an ordinary worker but carries out secret missions? In BLACK STIGMA, you become a killer. It requires you to be tough and smart to kill enemies.

BLACK STIGMA from BoldPlayGames is a third-person shooter game with very unique characters. In order to kill enemies, you will need to use not only quick and precise shooting but also martial arts utilizing your strong physiques. It is currently on a testing tour by region around the world. It will soon be available to the players in Türkiye on the Steam Platform.

If you are ever tired of shooter games that rely on shooting guns while keeping their distance and hiding from each other, BLACK STIGMA could be the answer. You will not only enjoy shooting while playing BLACK STIGMA, which is the basics of shooter games, but also find it interesting to engage in close combat with others by approaching quickly and irregularly, depending on your preferences.

Since each character is a hitman who is disguised as a common occupation, they will use weapons and martial arts appropriate for each occupation when killing enemies.

In this game’s world, killers are disguised as ordinary people with common occupations. Thus, they pursue weapons and martial arts that suit their occupations. As this story is fully reflected in the game, both players who are familiar with shooting and those who are not can enjoy the game in their own ways.

Ultimately, you will join a PVP match to eliminate enemy killers. To help anyone reach this stage, BLACK STIGMA has designed a training ground with dummies as well as a challenge mode where you have to defeat stages lined with AI killers continuously. You can also combine weapons and skills of your choice to complete your own play style.

BLACK STIGMA will be improved based on the feedback from users in Asia and North America and support Turkish. You can experience them yourself two times from November 17th to 20th and 24th to 27th.

If you are looking for a shooter game with unique art, characters, and combat styles, apply now for a playtest today by visiting BLACK STIGMA on STEAM.

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