BMW’s AirConsole expands its portfolio through developer competition

AirConsole and BMW Group’s Game Developer Competition was announced in March 2023. The competition ended, and the winner, “Big Mighty Wheels,” will join the AirConsole portfolio.

Numerous games worldwide competed in the AirConsole and BMW Group’s Game Developer Competition, which was announced at GDC in San Francisco in March 2023. After a thorough selection process, AirConsole and BMW Group have awarded the top prize to Big Mighty Wheels from Paranoia Games. The prize includes funding for the game’s development and an exclusive opportunity for the Paranoia Games team to visit BMW Group’s headquarters in Munich, where they can play their game demo in a car equipped with the AirConsole platform.

Big Mighty Wheels is set to join AirConsole’s expanding portfolio of car games, offering an arcade driving experience highlighting AirConsole’s distinctive local multiplayer features and emphasizing cooperative play among players.

Rodrigo Picazo, game developer at Paranoia Games, expressed how AirConsole’s controller solution contributed to a unique gaming experience in the car environment, fostering creativity during the development of Big Mighty Wheels. The opportunity allowed personalization of the controller and optimization of player input.

Antti Makkonen, Senior Executive Producer at AirConsole, noted that Paranoia Games effectively utilized AirConsole’s game controller solution in designing their game. The hope is that this success will inspire other developers to collaborate with AirConsole, bringing new and innovative gaming experiences to cars.

The partnership between AirConsole and BMW Group signifies a novel avenue for the game industry, offering an enhanced gaming experience within cars. As the collaboration progresses, the potential to deliver engaging gaming experiences in vehicles is becoming a reality, transforming the car into a unique gaming environment.

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