Call of the Dragons is available

Call of the Dragons by Farlight Games and Legou Games, developed by the team who created Rise of Kingdoms, is available on Android and iOS.
call of the dragons cover image with in-game characters.

Farlight Games and Legou Games have released Call of Dragons, a new fantasy mobile game now available for iOS, Android, and Windows download. The self-described MMOSLG game boasts real-time PvP (player versus player)battles with up to 40 players, set in a fantastical world that combines classic base-building, RTS, and town-building with MOBA-inspired (multiplayer online battle arena) aesthetics. The game is available as of 28 March 2023.

Players must utilize all the skills they acquire and tame wild beasts to fight alongside them in battles against monstrous creatures such as the Giant Bear behemoth, as shown in the game’s trailer.

The game features a mix of PvP battles and multiplayer features, allowing players to team up to explore the game’s world of monsters and dragons. The launch trailer provides a closer look at the game’s unique aspects, promising an exciting and immersive fantasy adventure.

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