Case study: How Kooapps scaled from an indie to a major publisher with Tenjin

Kooapps has over 250M downloads across its portfolio.
A graphic showing growth with Kooapps and Tenjin names

Tenjin’s latest case study shows the journey of Kooapps, a mobile gaming studio and publisher, and how they have scaled from an indie maker to a major publisher alongside Tenjin. The once indie studio now has over 250 million users across its games, some of the notable ones being, Stacky Bird, and Pictoword.

Kooapps CEO Chun-Kai Wang says the company’s revenue went up eight times since they used Tenjin a few years ago, and the experienced businessman added that their UA spending is up by 30. Wang says the whole team loves Tenjin and claims that “Tenjin has completely transformed Kooapps’ business for the better. “

In short, Kooapps’ revenue grew by eight times, and ad spending also improved by 30 times since they started using Tenjin, and on top of that, the company has seen three times more increase for’s ad campaigns.

The challenge Kooapps faced a few years ago (back in 2017) was to efficiently grow their user base for their ad-monetized apps. They were an indie studio then and needed a smart and efficient solution for scaling their business. The video games studio didn’t have an investor or a backup to fall back on, hence every penny did count for them. They simply needed a tool that would meet their needs to transform their studio, and that’s where Tenjin came in.

The “back-then-indie” studio started working with Tenjin, initially with a free plan and they gradually grew into an advanced plan, that utilized Tenjin’s DataVault and APIs. The company saw the growth mentioned earlier, and they’re still working with Tenjin to this day.

You can find the full case study here and examine it for yourself.

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