Tenjin releases Q1 2022 hyper-casual Benchmark report

There is equity in the advertising spending of companies for iOS and Android.
Tenjin-hyper-casual benchmark report q1 2022
Tenjin released its Q1 2022 hyper-casual benchmark report.

Tenjin announced the 2022 Q1 hyper-casual game report. The report includes the advertising expenditures made by companies for hyper-casual games, and the retention value of hyper-casual games is tested.

According to the infographic released by Tenjin, ad spend for iOS and Android is almost equal. On the other hand, AppLovin was the ad network with the highest ad spend on both platforms.

AppLovin is #1 on both platforms

The countries with the highest ad spend on both platforms were the US and Japan. Great Britain is in third place for iOS, and Germany is in third place for Android.

Hyper-casual game retentions on iOS and Android are very close to each other, but the retention values of iOS are ahead by a small margin.

iOS vs Android retention benchmark

The full Hyper-casual report Q1 2022 is available from Tenjin.

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