Coherence and Bossa Games collaborate for Lost Skies multiplayer experience

Coherence network engine has joined forces with Bossa Games to collaborate on developing Lost Skies, an upcoming 1-6 player survival adventure slated for publication by Humble Games.

Coherence, founded by Playdead co-founder Dino Patti and Tadej Gregorcic, emerged with its 1.0 release earlier this year, introducing many features and innovations to the multiplayer space. The network engine is designed to streamline the multiplayer game development process, offering an open, easy-to-use, and highly scalable solution for developers of all sizes.

The focal point of this partnership is Coherence’s network engine, strategically employed to drive the cooperative multiplayer dynamics in Lost Skies. The game is designed to immerse players in an open world of floating islands, where they collaborate to discover and craft ancient technology, construct skyships, and confront turbulent storms while navigating a fragmented realm.

Initially operating solely on its managed server infrastructure, Coherence expanded its multiplayer capabilities in the recent 1.0 launch to encompass local and client-to-client networking. Bossa Games leverages this capability in Lost Skies, delivering a high-quality solo or multiplayer experience hosted by players. This approach ensures Lost Skies is independent of cloud or third-party hosting services, assuring players that the game is hosted autonomously, free from the complexities and costs associated with cloud-hosted managed services.

Coherence’s contribution extends to facilitating the creation of a vast, explorable, open world in Lost Skies. Developers can build expansive game worlds through Coherence’s World Origin Shifting, positioning game objects precisely relative to the player over considerable distances.

Lost Skies encourages solo and team exploration across a diverse floating island world. Coherence’s technology empowers Bossa Games to dynamically size the world to accommodate various team sizes, skyship designs, and adventuring strategies.

Players can seamlessly navigate the Lost Skies’ broken landscapes using tools such as a physics-based grappling hook, gliders, free climbing ability, and other mobility options. With support from Coherence, up to six players can collaboratively explore an ever-expanding world, building skyships and engaging in epic boss fights against formidable flying adversaries.

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