Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul release date and first trailer revealed 

M11 Studio’s subsidiary, 5Deniz will launch “Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul,” developed using Unreal Engine 5 on 15 September. The game’s first gameplay trailer has been released.
compass of the destiny: istanbul title image.

5Deniz‘s subsidiary, M11 Studio, known for their previous title RONIN: Two Souls, is preparing to release their latest title, “Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul,” which is scheduled to debut on 15 September 2023. The game’s first gameplay trailer is also revealed with this announcement.

“Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul” offers an isometric action/RPG experience, a first of its kind originating from Türkiye. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 5, showcasing distinct gameplay mechanics, including Fıtrat (Dungeon) and a compass system. M11 Studio took advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s advanced capabilities, such as Lumen and Nanite, along with Motion Capture technology to elevate the animation quality within the game.

Transporting players to the 17th-century Ottoman Empire, “Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul” intertwines its narrative with historical figures and events. Guided by the esteemed fortune-teller Müneccim Ahmed Dede, players embark on missions that offer an enigmatic perspective on real-world occurrences. A meticulous blend of authentic historical research on the Great Turkish War, Venetian-Ottoman relations, and the unique ambiance of Istanbul during that era, amalgamated with imaginative elements, ensures a captivating and immersive gameplay experience.

M11 Studio has also recreated some districts of Istanbul’s European side for the game, including Küçük Piyale, Şişhane, and Galata, complete with the architectural aesthetics of the 17th century. Another feature of the game is Fıtrat maps, which function similarly to dungeon levels, almost customary in RPG games. These levels let the players learn about the backstories of the characters in the game while granting players new abilities, contributing to the narrative and immersiveness of the game as a whole.

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