Digital games spending in February 2020 were led by Mobile

Digital games might be the only source of entertainment available now for a lot of users due to coronavirus. That’s why total spending in February 2020 was four percent higher than last year. In total, gamers spent $9.2 billion on mobile, PC, and consoles. Console games revenue was 22 percent down and PC ‘s revenue was 6% down while mobile revenue saw a 16 percent raise. The decrease in main gaming platforms was because of the lack of AAA games released in February.

Here are the top grossing digital games for February 2020

Based on SuperData’s report, Honour of Kings was the top grossing mobile games for the past month. King’s Candy Crush Saga followed in second place while Gardenscapes – New Acres came in third place. Last Shelter: Survival took the fourth place and Supercell’s Clash of Clans closes the top five. On PC, Riot’s League of Legends got the first spot while FIFA 20 was the console’s top grossing title. Below you can see the top ten grossing titles on the three mentioned platforms.

Digital Games Spending

Also, according to the analytics company, the social casino game Coin Master reached a new milestone. In February 2020 the game generated $87 million achieving it’s highest-earning ever. The game from publisher Moon Active combines slots gameplay with town-building elements. It now vastly out-earns other mobile social casino titles like Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have appeared in ads for the title.

What about COVID-19?

Premium console spending was 17 percent down while free-to-play revenue was off 49 percent. While the company said concerns over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) had a “limited” impact on North American and European players’ gaming habits last month, it noted that the more severe measures taken to curb the spread of the virus didn’t happen until March. Superdata said:

Many titles have since had an influx of players and spending as consumers have turned to games as one of the few entertainment options available.

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