Disney Dreamlight Valley will no longer be free to play after early access

Early Access players will be given all unique cosmetic items included in the upcoming Gold Edition free of charge.

Gameloft’s life simulation adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to exit early access and launch officially on December 5, 2023, and will no longer be free to play.

The newly announced cost of the game ranges from $39.99 for the standard edition to $69.99 for the Gold Edition, which comes with the game’s first expansion pass that was recently announced. The first expansion pass, Titled A Rift in Time, will be available separately for $29.99.

Gameloft said, “It’s important to us that we maintain our promise to keep delivering free content updates that add new characters, realms, clothing, furniture, and more surprises to your Valley. Purchases requiring moonstones will remain optional, fair, and match the level of quality players have come to expect. Players will still be able to collect free Moonstones via Dream Snaps and Chests or optionally choose to purchase them.”

As a thank you to their Early Access players, all unique cosmetic items included in the upcoming Gold Edition will be given free of charge to any player who purchases and claims a Founder’s Pack in-game on or before December 4th, no matter the tier. Not only that, but all Founders will also receive 2,500 Moonstones to celebrate the launch of the game.

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