Eggscape Entertainment secures $4.25 million investment

Eggscape Entertainment, a game studio specializing in social games for mixed reality, has successfully concluded a seed funding round, securing $4.25 million. Transcend Fund spearheaded the investment.
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This funding injection is pivotal for the studio’s flagship project, Eggscape, a mixed-reality game that has garnered acclaim at prestigious events and earned festival awards. The Venture Reality Fund and strategic angel investor Lautaro Brunatti contributed significantly to the seed funding round.

Founded by the creative minds behind 3DAR, an esteemed animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Eggscape Entertainment is led by co-founders German Heller, Federico Heller, and Jorge Tereso. Renowned for their immersive VR experiences, including the viral music video “EARTH” for Little Dicky, the team is committed to introducing a new era of mixed-reality games. Co-founder Brandon Maseda, with extensive startup experience, has recently joined the Eggscape team to contribute to the venture.

Eggscape is conceived as a playful and social gaming experience, seamlessly integrating interactive environments with the real world. The game offers humor and exciting gameplay, catering to a diverse audience. To ensure limitless replayability, Eggscape offers a world-building tool allowing players to create and share new content within the game.

German Heller, CEO of Eggscape Entertainment, emphasized the significance of mixed reality in delivering fun, social gaming experiences that transcend conventional boundaries. The game immerses players in a reality-altering layer where imagination knows no bounds, fostering online or side-by-side gameplay without disconnecting from the surrounding world.

Andrew Sheppard, a partner at Transcend Fund, expressed enthusiasm for supporting Eggscape Entertainment, believing that Eggscape is not merely a standalone game but a pioneering force shaping the future of social gameplay in mixed reality. The fusion of mixed reality, high-quality animation, and social interactions in Eggscape delivers a novel gaming experience.

Tipatat Chennavasin, co-founder and General Partner at The Venture Reality Fund, underscored the need for a fresh approach in mixed reality entertainment, applauding Eggscape’s compelling vision to build such a platform. With expansion packs like Zombie Castle, Rally Racer, and World Cup in development, Eggscape Entertainment aims to continually grow the Eggverse, offering players diverse experiences within the mixed reality realm. This significant investment propels Eggscape Entertainment toward delivering innovative contributions to the world of mixed-reality gaming.

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