Electric Manta and Sunday partner to develop hyper-casual games

Sunday and Electric Manta are partnering to expand their volume in the hyper-casual space.
electric manta sunday
Electric Manta announced its partnership with Sunday.

UK-based Electric Manta, which develops free-to-play mobile games, joins forces with Sunday to develop new hyper-casual games. Founded by a former PopCap staff member, Electric Manta has a strong team. The company includes names that have previously worked in successful mobile and hyper-casual game companies like Kwalee and Miniclip.

With the partnership of two successful developers, new hyper-casual games will hit the road. Electric Manta focuses on developing casual, hybrid-casual, and hyper-casual games in the future. With the power of Sunday, it is possible to say that successful hyper-casual games will emerge from the partnership.

It is anticipated that from December 2021, companies will start testing new game prototypes together. Both Electric Manta and Sunday show hyper-casual games as a shared passion. Electric Manta CEO Mark Cochrane stated that the company’s plans include match-3 games and said:

“We are a one-stop-shop for developing casual, hybrid, and hyper games. This helps us manage risk, and at the same time, innovate both core and meta gameplay development. Electric Manta wants to find core mechanics that everyone loves and use that to drive the next generation of casual games. The next match three or merge will be created by us, owned by us, and played by everyone.”

Sunday managing director Christoph Sachsenhausen added:

“We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with the Electric Manta team, who share a common passion to create hit games that everyone can play with Sunday.”

Although the details of the partnership are not clearly disclosed, the main purpose is to develop hyper-casual. In the middle of this year, Electric Manta also formed a partnership with Voodoo. The purpose of this long-term partnership was to extend the life and interaction of hyper-casual games. With all these new partnerships, it is possible to predict that the company will achieve success in its new games.

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