Embracer Freemode announced CRKD gaming gear brand

Embracer Freemode introduces CRKD, a new gaming hardware brand offering premium and collectible gear for dedicated players. The flagship product, Nitro Deck, enhances the handheld gaming experience with customizable features.
Various Nitro Deck devices on white background.

Embracer Freemode, a leading technology innovator, has unveiled CRKD, a new gaming hardware brand. The CRKD line offers a distinct and collectible range of gaming gear designed to enhance the gaming experience for dedicated players.

CRKD is developed collaboratively by a team of experienced creators specializing in gaming hardware, including software, industrial design, artwork, engineering, and consumer electronics experts. With a global audience in mind, CRKD aims to provide gaming enthusiasts with premium and innovative collectible hardware.

The flagship product under the CRKD brand is the Nitro Deck, a professional Handheld Deck compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. The Nitro Deck enhances the handheld gaming experience by allowing users to slide their screen into the deck. It features thumbsticks with Hall Effect sensors to eliminate stick drift, and users can customize the thumbstick toppers according to their preference. The Nitro Deck connects via USB-C, providing minimal latency for demanding games. It also includes remappable back buttons for increased versatility in adapting to different play styles. Moreover, the Nitro Deck has a plug-and-play USB-C input for charging the system while gaming and a USB-C output for easy connection to the Nintendo Switch Dock, allowing it to be used as an external controller without the screen.

Every product within the CRKD range undergoes meticulous in-house design and rigorous quality control measures before release. The True Collection System, an iOS and Android companion app, is utilized for the CRKD line. This app employs proprietary technology to securely verify each core product’s digital proof of physical ownership. Users can register their CRKD hardware through the True Collection System app, adding an extra layer to the collectible experience. By tapping their mobile device into the Nitro Deck, gamers can access their product number, discover the rarity rank, and securely register it in their CRKD collection.

CRKD has partnered with Limited Run Games for an exclusive collaboration on day one, exemplifying Embracer Freemode’s commitment to strategic projects with group companies. Limited Run Games will release two limited editions of Nitro Decks in Atomic Purple and Glacier Blue, with a production run of 1000 units per color. These exclusive designs will be available for pre-order only on the Limited Run Games website.

To enhance the collectible aspect of the CRKD range, renowned hardware art designer POPeArt will create various upcoming designs for the Nitro Deck, providing fans with new and creative options. Initially, pre-orders will be limited to the USA and Canada.

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