Flexion and Digital Turbine collaborate to boost game developers’ reach and revenue

The New Partnership Combines the Unique Services and Reach of Both Mobile Leaders, Enabling New Revenue Opportunities for Their App Developer, Carrier, and OEM Partners.
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Flexion and Digital Turbine have announced a strategic partnership to unlock alternative app distribution and superior monetization opportunities. The partnership combines the services and reach of both mobile leaders, enabling new revenue opportunities for their app developer, carrier, and OEM partners.

DT Hub, Digital Turbine’s alternative mobile growth suite, allows mobile operator partners to offer customers a curated environment for premium app discovery. Through the partnership with Flexion, mobile game developers can easily create versions of their games that can be onboarded to DT Hub, allowing for simple and efficient direct-to-consumer app distribution.

Flexion is known for extending audiences beyond the traditional app stores, and now, with Digital Turbine’s DT Hub, game developers can tap into additional revenue streams from a range of new platforms and technology while benefiting from Digital Turbine’s monetization services and expertise in user acquisition.

Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion, expressed excitement over the partnership, stating:

“This partnership with Digital Turbine has all the ingredients to succeed in terms of creating new revenue, distribution, and marketing opportunities for game developers beyond traditional app stores. Our services and customer bases complement each other well, and we are excited to drive the next generation of game distribution services together with Digital Turbine.”

Matt Tubergen, EVP of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development at Digital Turbine, also shared his excitement, saying:

“Flexion is the clear market leader in providing mobile game developers with its unique services to acquire and monetize users in store-like environments. Together, we will extend this unique opportunity to our existing and new partners – and continue to grow. We are excited to explore the clear marketing and product synergies between us, which will help boost the mobile ecosystem.”

Flexion’s enabling services, platform management, and user acquisition have already helped game developers reach alternative app stores such as Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, Xiaomi, Amazon Appstore, and the ONE store. With the addition of DT Hub, game developers can now tap into additional revenue streams from new platforms and technology while maximizing revenue and taking full advantage of user acquisition opportunities.

The partnership with Flexion follows a strategic investment in Aptoide that Digital Turbine announced in October 2022 to build new innovative distribution products for Digital Turbine’s mobile carriers, OEM, and app developer partners.

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