Founder Stories: From word game to acquiring 30 million dollar investment

Enes Dişli talks about his journey from studying business administration to developing mobile games.

This episode of Founder Stories welcomes Enes Dişli, Founder and CEO of Libra Softworks, which recently acquired an investment of 30 million dollars. After being introduced, Enes Dişli thanked Batuhan Avucan for the interview and mentioned that he is a follower of the Founder Stories series.

The first question is about how Dişli started developing games. He says he started his university education in Business Administration and wasn’t very motivated to graduate. Then one day, he attended a “Computer Engineering 101” class. He loves this class and got interested in the profession. After switching his education as an honor student from this department, he started working as a software developer and project manager for three years before leaving this company and founding Libra Softworks.

Enes Dişli is the sole founder of the company. After revealing this, Batuhan Avucan asks about the advantages and disadvantages of founding a company alone. Dişli explains that he never felt alone because of the people around him and that he has worked. He expresses that he had people around him who believed in the same goal; therefore, he felt their support.

Avucan then asks about the origin of the company name, Libra Softworks, and the company culture they embrace. Dişli mentions his deep interest in astrology. Then he explains that he has chosen the name Libra because it’s a constellation. Since constellations look brighter in the sky because they are clustered together, he thought that this name represented his ideal company. A company that shines brighter than others through teamwork.

Avucan brings up the 30 million dollar investment they have acquired and asks what they plan to use it for. Dişli explains that they will use a significant portion of the amount to market their game Joyblast and spend the rest on expanding their team. Before finishing the interview, Dişli gives some advice about acquiring investment. This interview with Batuhan Avucan and Enes Dişli is about 14 minutes long in Turkish.

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