Free Fire Best Sensitivity Settings

Free Fire

We have prepared the best sensitivity settings for Free Fire for you. By making these settings, you can make better shots in the game and be the first.

Free Fire’s best sensitivity settings are very important in the game. There are many tactics to defeat the opponents in Free Fire. But unquestionably, one of the most important is being able to see the opponents well and take good aim. Game twists can also affect your binoculars and sensitivity settings. Whatever setting keeps your FPS high according to your phone, we recommend you to play it in those settings.

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

In all battle royale games, players have to shoot their opponents as quickly as possible while playing the game. Shooting headshots is the best way to easily take down enemies in games like Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. Many players do not know how to best sensitivity settings and other settings in Free Fire.

The best way to easily take down enemies is to find good precision.

We have prepared the best sensitivity settings to help players in this regard. By making the settings we recommend, you can shoot many headshots in the game and knock your opponents down.

Sensitivity Settings

Free Fire Best Sensitivity Settings.

As you can see below, Free Fire’s best sensitivity settings are like this:

  • Overall camera sensitivity: 50.
  • Red point sensitivity: 100.
  • 2x scope sensitivity: 16.
  • 4x scope sensitivity: 18.
  • AWM scope sensitivity: 20.

These are the best camera sensitivity settings for aiming and shooting in Free Fire. You will see better if you set the overall camera sensitivity to 50 to quickly detect enemies. It also ensures that the vision does not fluctuate too much. In this game, you can practice in the exercise mode to improve your aiming skills and head hits. Or you can practice headshots in Clash Squad mode. This helps improve your skill.

Tips for headshots

Here are a few different tips for shooting headshots.

Besides Free Fire’s best sensitivity settings for shooting headshots, this game has some tips for shooting headshots. If you do the tactics and tips we give you every day for a certain period of time, you will get used to the game in a short time and you will be able to knock down your opponents very easily. Also “Booyah!” It will also be easier for you to receive.

Work out in exercise mode

To make your headshot better, you have to practice a lot.

You have to improve your aiming ability to improve your head strike skill. You can enter the training mode and do training to improve this ability. When playing in training mode, you will often encounter bots or players who have just started the game. If you do a good practice before entering a ranked match, you can do solid work in the game.

You can also play in training mode while adjusting the control settings and sensitivity settings. You can adjust the sensitivity to your favorite level depending on your preference and the quality of your device. We have mentioned the best sensitivity settings for you above in Free Fire, you can take a look there again and continue to practice.

Weapons and Attachments

It would be better if you use weapons that don’t bounce too much to make headshots easier.

If you are playing a good weapon in Free Fire, you need to choose nice add-ons to make headshots easier. It is much better to use weapons with low recoil when aiming or shooting straight at the opponent. Sniper rifles are the most ideal weapons to shoot headshots, but at medium or close range you cannot shoot down your opponent with these weapons. Therefore, it will be better to choose the best weapon and attach attachments to that weapon.

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