Free VR mod for the original Far Cry is available

Free VR mod for the original Far Cry, developed by Cabalistic, offers an immersive 6DoF experience. While limited without motion controller support, players can enjoy the game’s beauty in VR.
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The Flatscreen to VR modding community has achieved a significant breakthrough by bringing a fully immersive virtual reality (VR) experience to the classic game Far Cry. Developed by talented modder Cabalistic, known for previous successful flatscreen to VR conversions, this latest achievement offers players a chance to relive the 2004 action-packed adventure in a new way.

Building on the framework of the earlier Crysis mod, Cabalistic integrated 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) VR capabilities into the original Far Cry. This modification allows players to immerse themselves more deeply in the virtual world.

The mod was showcased in a recent VR Corner episode, where players can witness the game’s initial stages being played with 6DoF VR. The video highlights the impressive integration of cutscenes and thrilling action sequences, including an explosive vehicular shootout amid the game’s picturesque golden dunes.

Despite the impressive achievements of the mod, the current version is somewhat limited. While it successfully incorporates 6DoF headset tracking and stereoscopic rendering, it lacks support for motion controllers and room-scale movement. As a result, players are currently required to play the game in a seated position using mouse and keyboard controls. This setup might take some time for players to adjust to.

Nonetheless, the VR adaptation showcases the tropical beauty of Far Cry’s islands in a new light. Moreover, due to the game’s age, it runs smoothly on most VR-capable computer systems, providing players with an optimized and visually stunning experience.

Cabalistic’s Far Cry mod is available for free download, allowing enthusiasts to embark on this unique VR journey themselves. The installation process is relatively simple and compatible with the Steam and GoG versions of Far Cry. Additionally, Cabalistic has released some bug fixes since the initial video publication, addressing camera and control issues to enhance the overall gameplay experience. For fans of Far Cry and virtual reality alike, this mod opens up new possibilities for revisiting a classic title in an entirely fresh and captivating manner.

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