FuzzyBot announces strategic partnerships and investments

The recent investments come after a successful seed funding round back in 2021.

Newly-formed Los Angeles-based game studio FuzzyBot has announced securing investments from various companies, including Dreamhaven, Loaded, Lirik, and Gaingels. The studio also stated that it has recently entered into strategic partnerships with a dynamic cross-section of game companies.

FuzzyBot held a seed funding round led by Bitkraft Ventures back in August 2021, with participation from Sisu Games Ventures and 1Up Ventures. The company managed to raise $3.5 million from the seed funding round, although no financial details were disclosed for the recent investments.

FuzzyBot’s CEO, Tatyana Dyshlova, commented:

“We are truly humbled and excited to partner with so many incredibly talented people and organizations from across the game industry. With the invaluable support of our partners, we are energized and eager to bring joy and excitement to players everywhere through this innovative game. It is a true testament to our team’s passion for the art of game development.”

Dreamhaven’s Paul Della Bitta added:

“We have a lot of respect for the team at FuzzyBot. Their previous success in bringing quality gameplay experiences to life and their fresh take on two very popular genres has us very excited about FuzzyBot’s future.”

Founded by former EA developers in 2020, FuzzyBot’s CEO Tatyana Dyshlova and Creative Director Max Spielberg have grown their team to include industry veterans from DICE, Bungie, Ubisoft, and Retro Studios.

The company is currently developing its first game, an innovative co-op rogue-lite adventure game. FuzzyBot describes the title as a game that blends the gameplay of the rogue-lite genre with the cozy and creative player investment found in the best life simulations with a new take on how combat and progression can come together in a social and replayable experience.

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