Game-Changer: Alictus Boosts Campaign Performance by 39% with XMP

In the highly competitive hyper-casual gaming space, Alictus pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Alictus, a Turkish studio acquired by Sciplay, has made waves with viral titles such as Fade Master, Rob Master, and Deep Clean

The challenge of increasing user acquisition efficiency looms larger than ever. Alictus’ answer to growing demands was to seek out more sophisticated ad channel management solutions. In their search, they found the answer in XMP.

Real-Time UA Optimization

As leaders in the game industry, Alictus faced a key challenge: How to optimize its UA strategy without being bogged down by the granular oversight required for multiple campaigns? 

They needed to adopt automation — but such automation had to be precise, adaptive, and capable of operating in the fast-paced environment of hyper-casual gaming.

XMP’s suite of real-time optimization tools allowed Alictus to achieve its goals with two key features:

  • Stop-Loss Initiatives: In moments where games like Rob Master faltered on key performance metrics, XMP automatically dialed down bids, preventing wasteful spending and enabling a pivot to more lucrative channels.
  • Proactive Scaling: Conversely, when Deep Clean gained a surge in ROAS, XMP increased the bid in permutations that showed growth potential by campaign, geo, or sub-source.

These automated measures ensured that Alictus’ campaigns were fine-tuned in real-time, leading to impressive reductions in manual labor and significant uplifts in campaign efficacy.

Success on Sub-Channels: Opportunities on SDK Ad Networks

Alictus’ UA strategy thrived under XMP’s advanced sub-channel optimization functionalities, giving the team freedom to funnel their resources into more fruitful areas by scrutinizing sub-channel data.

With comprehensive market performance data, Alictus stayed ahead of the curve with the ability to adjust bids based on live market trends or tailoring strategies to mirror successful competitors. 

“The precision targeting and optimization that XMP brought to our SDK ad network campaigns, with Mintegral as a representative example, have been pivotal,” states the Growth Team Lead of Alictus. “With XMP, we’ve drastically decreased our reliance on broad-stroke strategies and deepened our understanding of the user journey. This platform has allowed us to adjust our approach in real-time, which is crucial in an industry that constantly adapts. The uplift in our campaigns’ performance metrics directly correlates with a smarter allocation of our budget — ROAS is up, and wastage is down.”

 – Talha Alver, Alictus Growth Team Lead

Bulk Campaigns, Maximized Impact

Alictus’ creative edge lies in XMP’s ability to release campaigns in bulk across platforms, which meant the marketing team could introduce many new creatives on multiple platforms at the same time and maximize their impact through swift testing and iteration.

“XMP’s ability to assimilate with our creative process has been transformative,” said Yiğitcan Tunçer, Alictus’s Director of Art. “Integrating with multiple formats and platforms allowed us to push boundaries and test new creative strategies efficiently. It’s thrilling to see our creatives come to life through data-backed decisions, reaching audiences at scale and with impact.”

Through their partnership with XMP, Alictus has slashed manual workload by a staggering 80%. With XMP, Alictus isn’t just playing the game — they’re changing how it’s played.

How XMP Can Help You

XMP is a cross-channel media buying platform dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of advertisers. We spoke to Marc Bearman, Senior Director of Partnerships at Mobvista, to share more about XMP.

What is XMP? 

XMP is a Cross-Platform Intelligent Media buying platform. Think of it as a single UI where you can orchestrate your entire user acquisition strategy and operations across all of your network partners. That means you can manage campaigns with self-attribution partners like Meta, TikTok, and Google, as well as top SDK ad networks like Mintegral, in one place.

Armed with deep competitive insights, you can make budget and bid changes for all connected partners. And with Smart Assistant, XMPs automation suite, you can manage daily campaign operations automatically.

How Can XMP Help Casual and Hyper Casual Publishers?

The market isn’t becoming simpler or less competitive. Speed has always been the secret ingredient to successfully differentiating from your category peers.

XMP can massively cut your operational overhead through bulk campaign creations, creative uploads, and analysis. XMP also integrates several MMPs, allowing you to view ROAS performance directly. This is vital for casual and hyper-casual publishers obsessed with ROI. The tool also enables automatic optimization based on ROAS, meaning less time spent on manual adjustments.

With XMP, you’ll be able to move 5x quicker than you do today. Not only is the tool massively impactful for scaled, effective teams, but XMP allows smaller studios to compete on a level playing field with much bigger companies.

What makes XMP different?

We focused on building a tool for marketers, in consultation with marketers, to solve the core challenges that face UA teams today. 

We’re on a mission to get a UA manager’s to-do list down to the essential areas that make a difference. With more than 100 leading teams steering the development of our platform, we’re confident you’ll experience continued development that will tackle some of the next “big challenges” facing the modern-day growth expert. 

If you’d like to learn more, you can reach out and discuss your challenges or try out a free demo.

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