Epic Games Store empowers game developers with self-publishing tools

The self-publishing service is free to use, except for a standard $100 submission fee per game, and to release their product on the store, developers must meet five main requirements.
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Epic Games has introduced self-publishing tools allowing game developers to release their titles on the Epic Games Store. The tools are available to all studios, provided they meet the platform’s requirements. They are provided a way to efficiently release games, maintain a store presence directly, and reach the store’s growing audience of over 68 million monthly active users.

Developers can access the self-service publishing tools through the Epic Developer Portal, where they can build a “coming soon” page, set up game offers, upload test builds, and submit their projects for content review. The new tools will allow developers to maintain their presence and constantly update materials, removing the need to work directly with Epic Games.

Developers must meet five main requirements to release their product on the Epic Games Store. Multiplayer titles must support crossplay across all PC stores. All games launching after March 9 should support achievements. Developers must obtain an age rating for their game using a service from the International Age Rating Coalition, which is free. Games must not include discriminatory or illegal content, pornography, scams, frauds, or content that infringes on other intellectual property. And finally, games must meet quality requirements and function properly so that users can download, install, launch, and play them.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said:

“Not only can they submit their own game, but they can maintain their own presence and constantly update the materials. They don’t have to work with us directly. It’s an unblocking event for the store going much wider than it’s gone so far.”

If a product violates these rules, Epic Games will launch a review process to decide whether it should be allowed to launch in the store. The self-publishing service is free, except for a standard $100 submission fee per game. Other rules remain the same, including the 12% commission that Epic Games takes.

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