YAHAHA and Dabeeo announce creator-focused partnership

With this partnership, creators can easily convert satellite imagery into 3D content.
Two game characters wearing neon colored outfits.
The prize pool is $4600.

YAHAHA, which facilitated 3D content and game creation and received a $50 million investment earlier this year, announced that it has partnered with Korea-based technology startup Dabeeo to implement the Artificial Intelligence Mirror World Project.

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Bu ortaklık sayesinde kullanıcılar YAHAHA üzerinde gerçek dünyadan alınan 3D haritaları kullanabilir ve tasarımlar oluşturabilirler. İşbirliğiyle birlikte YAHAHA platformunda içerik oluşturuculara dağıtılmak üzere toplam 4600 dolar değerinde ödül havuzuna sahip olan bir yarışma duyuruldu. Yarışma detaylarını öğrenmek için buraya tıklayabilirsiniz.

Dabeeo’s Founder and CEO, Juhum Park, said about the partnership:

“Partnering with YAHAHA allows Dabeeo to unlock a new world of creating, expanding our reach, and developing our technology on a wider scale. YAHAHA’s audience of creators means our data can be used in many different ways, including the unique creations that users design. We hope that our technology will help to bring a new level of entertainment to the YAHAHA platform and we are greatly excited for our future plans.” 

With its new-gen artificial intelligence and data technology, Dabeeo can convert satellite images into 3D content. With this technology, Users can now create cities and maps from satellite images without extra effort.

Pengfei Zhang, COO and Co-Founder of Yahaha Studios, added:

“We are really happy to announce our partnership with Dabeeo and to bring an exclusive new way of creating to the YAHAHA platform. This fascinating AI technology is providing users with exciting, real-life features to make their creating experience easier and more life-like.”

The first event where companies will introduce the partnership on YAHAHA will take place in Seoul, South Korea, based on a real-world location, with the contribution of technology developed by Dabeeo. In addition, YAHAHA organizes a competition called K Club Street Creator Challenge. Users have the chance to win prizes up to $2000.

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