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WH40K Rogue Trader review: A new standard for generations to come

The grimdark world of Warhammer 40K has received countless video game adaptations throughout the years, including RTS, Xcom-like tactical strategy, first-person shooter, third-person shooter, 4x grand strategy, and much more. However, for a setting that also has at least five TTRPGs dedicated to it, it has never been adapted into a CRPG until now.
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Colony Ship review: Right into the dark

In the beginning of November, a great phenomenon occurred that captured the hearts and minds of the 0.003% of the gaming community. Iron Tower, creators of Age of Decadence, released a 1.0 version of Colony Ship: a Post-Earth Role Playing Game.
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Hawked preview: For those who are tired of murky aisles

It's known that the interest of the gamers shifts to different genres from time to time. Hawked is a new addition to the extraction shooter genre, which has recently become a favourite of gamers with its strained atmosphere.