Zibra AI and Room 8 partner to advance AI-supported game content creation

By joining forces, Zibra AI and Room 8 Group aim to ethically pioneer innovative solutions in virtual content creation and tackle the industry’s evolving challenges.

ZibraAI is a Ukrainian deep-tech company building a platform for creating AI-generated assets for any virtual world and experience. The platform aims to speed up and simplify the creation of interactive VFX, 3D content, and characters with the power of generative AI. Room 8 Group focuses on external game development, co-development, art, trailer production, and QA for AAA console, PC, and mobile titles.

Through the partnership, Room 8 Group will become Zibra AI’s preferred integration partner, gaining early access to the company’s existing AI-based solutions and upcoming unreleased functionality. 

Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group CEO said: 

“We believe that generative AI will change the way content is created and will also raise consumer expectations for games’ complexity and fidelity. Partnering with Zibra AI allows us to explore cutting-edge technology and its use for enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional content for our clients. This strategic partnership is a significant step towards shaping the future of the industry.”

Zibra AI Co-Founder and CEO Alex Petrenko stated that the company was founded with a vision to transform the virtual content creation pipeline, and their collaboration will enable them to revolutionize virtual content production.

Zibra AI’s Generative AI platform is a complementary solution that automates routine manual tasks. It simplifies and accelerates content creation for all virtual worlds and experiences. The platform enables the users to create interactive VFX and generate 3D assets and characters, two significant challenges the developers face.

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