Game IPs are climbing atop the entertainment industry

Omdia’s research will present the latest data about gaming IPs and how they surpass other forms of entertainment.

Omdia, a technology research and advisory group, is going to present a new data about the growth of gaming industry and its relation to media. Omdia’s latest research is focused on the topic of gaming IP and its tremendous rise across the entertainment industry.

According to Omdia’s Media and Entertainment Senior Research Director Maria Aguete, Omdia’s research indicates that game revenues will reach $215B in 2027, overtaking the TV industry. Content that is being produced to appeal to a wide range of audiences from science fiction based The Last of Us, animated G-rated movies like Super Mario Bros and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu to sports movies like the upcoming Gran Turismo.

Gamer media profiles by country

Omdia’s latest consumer survey across all age groups showed that gamers outnumber cinema goers and, in some cases like Germany and Japan, are more than double. This potential market and prominent levels of expected revenue is a fantastic opportunity for content aggregators and telcos who must consider games and access to games services as core to their business services.

The IBC exclusive report by Omdia focuses on the key areas which bring light to the close bonds between games, movies, and TV. The report also offers insights into the massive focus on games IP, gaming moves of popular streaming services, gaming investment in the cinema industry and a deeper look at what made The Last of Us TV show a big hit and evaluates the future of cross-media relationships. Omdia will publish its full report which offers interesting insights about the gaming industry at the IBC2023 event.

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