Gamer’s Day 2020: Video Games Claim Their Role Beyond Entertainment


Every August 29th, Gamer’s Day is celebrated all around the world, an event promoted by the video game industry to give visibility to the sector and its fans. This year the celebration is more special since video games have proven to be a key element in keeping in touch with friends and family and meeting new people, in the complex situation with COVID-19. The pandemic has led to the discovery of our inner Gamer and video game fans have only grown.

In fact, in the context of quarantines, the use of video games skyrocketed around the world. According to etermax, the international technology company creator of global hits such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack, the number of new daily users of its games multiplied in almost all countries and the percentage of players who challenged a friend to a game grew by 50% compared to the previous quarter in Trivia Crack 2 and Words & Ladders. Even in Trivia Crack there was a huge jump in the use of the application’s chat. This shows that users are not only looking for entertainment but also connection.

As stated by a Global Web Index research, gamers choose to play video games primarily to combat boredom (68%) and to have fun with friends (38%). In fact, according to the same source even before lockdown 81% of the world’s online population played video games on at least one device. On average, they spend an average of 6.33 hours a week playing on smarphones, PCs, consoles and other platforms.

In addition, in the current context, etermax has promoted the global campaign #PlayApartTogether, in which games give incentives and incorporate messages of awareness about the current situation, to continue being socially connected while we are physically separated. All games are available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) in multiple languages.

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