Griffin Gaming Partners commits 30% of its funds to women-led game firms

The company celebrated women’s workforce in gaming with a dinner at its headquarters.
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Griffin Gaming Partners has announced that 30% of its venture capital funds are committed to startup game companies that are run by women. The VC firm amassed a total of $837.6 million, which will all be used to invest in game industry startups.

Managing Director at LionTree and partner to Griffin Gaming Partners, Emily Wang, commented:

“Well-networked women with an inner circle of 1-3 other female leaders land positions 2.5 times higher in authority and pay than women who don’t have such networks, according to [the Harvard Business Review]. Women face certain subconscious biases and double standards that are positively mitigated by having a close circle of other female leaders.”

“It’s in these circles where we can share strategies about the complexities of navigating leadership as a woman. This is why we host dinners like these — to create space for women to form much-needed relationships and trusted circles.”

A Women in Gaming dinner party was held to highlight the company’s investment focus. Griffin Gaming Partners stated that its investments range from developers and publishers to platforms and software. The company invests in game industry startups of all stages.

This month, Griffin Gaming Partners backed and women-led Muus Collective partnered up with Revolve Group to make a fashion-centered Web3 mobile game. Griffin Gaming Partners’ collaborations include Discord, AppLovin, Spyke Games, Million Victories, and Overwolf.

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