​​​​​​​Honkai: Star Rail PlayStation 5 release date announced

Space Fantasy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail is set to make its debut on PlayStation 5 on October 11.

HoYoverse announced today that its latest Space Fantasy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail, is set to make its debut on PlayStation 5 on October 11. An exclusive, time-limited pre-order bundle also comes available via the PlayStation Store to gear up Trailblazers for the upcoming interstellar journey.

The release date and the details were revealed on the showcase of the latest State of Play. Narrated by the mysterious Stellaron Hunter, Kafka, the trailer invited players to immerse themselves in the latest gameplay experience fully. It also details the newly enhanced Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster. Players were introduced to a new formidable foe, Swarm: True Sting, renowned for its ability to divide and spawn additional swarms. It is essential to address this threat promptly to avoid a complete overrun of the battlefield.

The game’s multi-platform integration with PlayStation 5 allows players to enjoy added convenience and accessibility, allowing seamless transitions between various gaming devices, including PC, iOS, and Android, with the added benefits of cross-save and cross-play functionality.

In the space fantasy RPG Honkai: Star Rail, the player takes on the role of “Trailblazer,” a courageous individual implanted with a powerful artifact, Stellaron, and bearing the determination to unravel the mysteries surrounding the fabled “Cancer of All Worlds” and Aeons.

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