How to Stay on Top of Hyper-Casual Game Trends

Discover how industry leaders stay ahead of the game with insights on identifying hyper-casual game trends. Learn the best practices for analyzing game dynamics, tracking mobile market trends, and identifying social trends to engage target audiences.
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Upon reader feedback for a previous series of analyses providing data and insight into social media trends that inspire hyper-casual games, AppMagic decided to delve deeper into the matter of hyper-casual game trends. This time, instead of relying solely on data, they interviewed two major players in the game industry, Azur Games and FreePlay. The interview sheds light on the best practices of these major players in the industry, acting upon data and learning from experience.

Both studios regularly analyze game dynamics, including downloads and revenue, to track mobile market trends. They also keep a close eye on new game releases that perform above average and deconstruct their gameplay and creatives to better understand their audience’s interests and identify trends within a given genre.

According to AZUR Games and FreePlay, Google Trends and TikTok are the most insightful sources of information for identifying social trends. By using these two channels, studios can compare high-profile events to the acquired statistics and see which trends are more effective and how they’re evolving in terms of popularity. Other sources of information include newly released games, Reddit, Imgur, game websites, and social media statistics.

When it comes to discovering trends, TikTok is the go-to place, according to AZUR Games and FreePlay. Other platforms mentioned by our partners include Instagram and YouTube, whose feed has recently been enhanced by the addition of Shorts.

AZUR Games and FreePlay rely heavily on expertise, experience, and good judgment when choosing which trend mechanics to use as a part of the game and which to skip. Technical limitations may also impact the decision-making process. FreePlay evaluates every trendy new mechanic by its LTV or Marketability potential.

When testing new mechanics, AZUR Games and FreePlay have different approaches. AZUR Games opt to create prototypes from the outset and test all aspects, including mechanics, visuals, and CPI. FreePlay takes a different approach, evaluating new mechanics by their LTV or marketability potential before moving on to develop estimation and further prioritization.

Overall, staying on top of trends is crucial for success in the game industry, especially for hyper-casual games. By analyzing game dynamics and identifying social trends through various sources, game developers can stay up to date with the latest trends and engage with their target audience.

You can also read the full version of AppMagic’s interview with Azur Games and FreePlay.

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