Mobidictum Interview with Philipp Gladkov of Gameram

Gameram is a platform aiming to unite 3 billion gamers worldwide. In this interview, CEO Philipp Gladkov shares insights on their core ideals, the company’s working culture, and their strategy in the face of emerging platforms.
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Gameram, in the simplest terms, is a social network platform for gamers. It’s a platform that aims to enable gamers to share their game experiences, expresses their gamer personas, and communicate with people who have similar interests or similar tastes for games, to be exact.

It’s a company with a simply defined yet decisive goal, “…to unite 3 billion people playing games worldwide!” its CEO, Philipp Gladkov, seems to be an efficient analyst. His skill is evident in a previous opinion piece that we have published, just as in this interview.

In this interview, we have asked Gladkov about the core ideals behind the birth of Gameram, its current nature, and future strategies.

Mobidictum: Can you tell us about Gameram’s core ideals and motivation?

We are a team of passionate professionals and true game fans. We share players’ pains! Players need space for their player identity. More than a third of the world’s population is playing games, but stigmas regarding gaming are still alive. That is why we want games to be normalized and be a source of new meaningful connections. 

Furthermore, from my experience during developing and operating War Robots, mobile game developers still need their place for brand awareness and community management. So we want to fix it as well!

Mobidictum: Gameram is mainly a social network company. Can you elaborate on the working culture in the company?

In Gameram, we build our corporate culture on three main principles.

The team. With my co-founder Oleg Silakov, we invest much of our time and energy into the team. The team is the most important thing to focus on for us! We hire and grow slowly to keep our culture strong!

Transparency. Transparency provides better results since there are fewer misunderstandings, less entropy, and less need for purposeless meetings. All metrics, product plans, and significant business decisions are open to every employee in our company. Once a month, I make a board-like presentation to talk about the latest news and answer any upcoming questions from the team.

Launch and evolve. We are not fond of developing a product for years before launching it. The same goes for features! We prefer to launch the MVP feature asap and add all the essential details during the following app updates. This is how you always get a reality check, thanks to users’ feedback and data from the start, which helps admit wrong approaches quickly and focus on the best options the core audience votes for.

Mobidictum: Gameram is a social network for gamers but with the freedom that Web3 and metaverses promise and deliver to gamers, games themselves are becoming social mediums for people. Do you see these platforms as potential rivals? Where do Gameram’s interests stand considering the emergence and evolution of these platforms?

Of course, any social media is our rival at some point. 

The problems we solve are different from problems that solve metaverse or web3 social platforms! 

Our focus is to provide a safe place for mobile players to find new friends and share their gaming experiences. All the efforts of normalizing gaming will be beneficial for us. Players always get bored with their games and try new ones. Thus the connection throughout the games they have played and the players they have been in touch with is essential for skin in the game feeling and feeling of being a part of the big gaming community. And the best place for experiencing these feelings is Gameram, where  All their gaming memories and experience, as well as their gaming friends and teammates, will be stored in one place.

Mobidictum: In your article “The Player Identity Cycle and Evolution,” published on Mobidictum, you indicate that players are reluctant to share their passion on current social networks because of possible negative comments and social pressure. In the same article, you anticipate, “As gamer biases begin to fade, we will likely see a growing number of people posting more game content on current social networks.” Don’t you think such a development would terminate the need for alternative platforms like Gameram? What would the next step be for Gameram in such a scenario?

I firmly believe that people don’t mix their identities. For example, Facebook is for family, Linkedin is for career, and Tinder is for finding a partner. All these social networks have different goals, profiles, features, and connections.

People mostly don’t post photos of parties on Linkedin, but they do it on Instagram. Likewise, adding your parents on Facebook is okay, but not on Linkedin.

So if the games are normalized, people will need a network like Gameram to show their players’ identity, including their gaming experience, screenshots of gaming moments, and achievements. Their connections will be not friends, family, and fellows, but only friends and teammates that play games! Whether they met them offline or online!

Mobidictum: Can you tell us about the long-term plans and strategy of Gameram? 

We have many great features coming soon, but I cannot share any information about them. However, I am happy to share our strategy concerning game developers and community enthusiasts.

Game developers:

 We like the trend on the market for mobile game developers to invest more in games’ brand awareness and community. 

Our long-term plans and strategy aim to assist game developers in improving their mid-term and long-term player retention and efficiently increasing their brand awareness. As a platform driven by user-generated content (UGC), our primary goal is to create a secure and inclusive environment where players can connect, engage, and become loyal fans.  

Community economy:

We are going to invest a lot in the community economy as well. Creators have their piece of the pie. If you make excellent content with lots of views, you can get money from ads on various platforms. But, if your skill is about organizing a lively community of gaming fans, earning money is quite a challenge. We want to fix it and provide community enthusiasts with a piece of the pie.

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About Philipp Gladkov

Phillipp is the CEO and co-founder of Gameram, a community driven app for mobile gamers across the globe to share their gaming experience, make new friends and explore games, headquartered in Cyprus. Philipp’s prior experience includes being the CEO at Pixonic, where he launched War Robots Game which surpassed $700 million in revenue and 200 million installs. Philipp led the company into becoming one of the leading game developers in Europe, before leaving the company after a successful M&A.

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