IQ Labs reported strong growth in 2023

IQ Labs, a platform facilitating peer-to-peer rentals of digital assets in the Web3 space, achieved significant milestones in its first six months of operation in 2023 and Announced plans for expanded Web3 gaming in 2024

Since launching its IQ Market in June, the platform has distributed over $100,000 in gameplay rewards, facilitated more than 35,000 NFT rentals, listed over 9,000 NFTs, and attracted over 5,000 unique active wallets. Collaborations with prominent gaming titles such as Citizen Conflict, Medieval Empires, and Crypto Guilds, alongside user onboarding and the launch of its IQT token.

IQ Labs shared the news from its official LinkedIn account:

Looking ahead to 2024, IQ Labs outlines its plans to enhance the user experience further and expand its ecosystem through increased token utility, staking rewards, increased exchange listings, strategic game integrations, and partnerships.

Expressing appreciation for the community’s support, IQ Labs reaffirms its commitment to evolving alongside its users. The company aims to empower creators and users within the Web3 gaming realm, fostering a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for digital asset rentals and immersive blockchain experiences.

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