ironSource acquires marketing software company Bidalgo

With its “Full-Stack Marketing Solution” ironSource wants to deepen the possibilities the platform offers to developers. App marketers can now work on a single platform to visualize, manage and optimize their paid marketing.
ironSource Bidalgo
ironSource enriched its platform by acquiring Bidalgo.

ironSource, a leading business platform in App Economics, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire marketing software company Bidalgo. Bidalgo’s technology provides highly detailed data visibility and control over their marketing investments to customers who want to sell their app. With the acquisition, ironSource aims to respond to the needs of its customers who want to follow and accelerate the growth process of their venture.

Together with Luna Labs, the management solution ironSource already uses on its platform, this acquisition allows the company to offer a broader range of marketing-focused products. On the other hand, the enrichment of the company’s solution diversity seems to increase the power and value of the platform.

Bidalgo produces marketing software for various developers.
Bidalgo produces marketing software for various developers.

Bidalgo is a company that also has customers outside the gaming industry. The company serves e-commerce and social interaction sites as well as games. In this respect, ironSource’s presence in the market is expected to expand within the entire application economy with its acquisition.

Omer Kaplan, Co-Founder and CRO of ironSource, made the following statement on the subject:

“In order to successfully grow their apps, it’s critical that app developers are able to measure, control, and effectively allocate funds across multiple marketing channels. That’s why it made perfect sense to partner with Bidalgo in offering truly cross-channel management and optimization of every element of marketing activity through the ironSource platform. This acquisition is part of a wider strategy, which includes the acquisition of Luna Labs earlier this year, to build a full marketing stack within the ironSource platform. The combination will give app marketers an end-to-end solution for their entire marketing operation in one place, from creating ads through managing campaigns across channels and optimizing them.” 

Peli Beeri, CEO and Co-Founder of Bidalgo, said:

“When we founded Bidalgo more than ten years ago, we had a simple goal in mind: we wanted to build the best platform for marketers to optimize their investment towards exceptional business results. With industry changes, we identified the importance of creative analysis in providing greater visibility and control for marketers, and introduced new tools into our marketing intelligence platform, which today tracks and manages over $1B in media spend annually. By combining Bidalgo’s technology with the ironSource platform, we’ll be able to create a unique offering for mobile marketers, with one place to create, analyze and manage every aspect of their paid marketing.”

IronSource CEO and Co-Founder Tomer Bar Zeev added:

“ironSource and Bidalgo already work with many of the same customers, who use multiple products on the ironSource platform along with Bidalgo’s marketing technology. This not only highlights the value of the combined offering and our stickiness with customers, it’s also a testament to the strength of our platform-based approach to the App Economy, and our customer-centric approach to M&A.”

IronSource, which has made a name for itself with its recent purchases, continues its leadership with its ever-expanding market volume and solution proposals. It is possible to say that the company has achieved its goals rapidly as a result of successful investments. It is expected that the successful graphic of the company will continue to rise in the upcoming period. For more information about ironSource, you can visit its official website.

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