Konami to shut down PES Club Manager

PES Club Manager will bid farewell to players on December 25, 2021.
pes club manager
PES Club Manager will be removed from app stores.

According to the official announcement made by Konami officials, the popular mobile sports game PES Club Manager will be closed on all devices and countries as of December 25.

All in-game purchases will be disabled from November 13 due to the game being shut down. All competitive events and updates, including the 79th Manager’s Cup, will continue until the day the game is shut down.

The game, which debuted in 2015 and has survived to this day, allowed players to perform the role of manager, which is a part of the sport. Although he gained a lot of fans around the world by doing this, we can say that he is not very popular nowadays. A new game of this type has not been announced by Konami yet.

In the announcement about the closing of the game, the following words were expressed by Konami officials;

“PES Club Manager’s journey began in June 2015 and has continued to date through the goodwill and support of all our managers. We know that this will come as sad news, and for that, we deeply apologise. We are sincerely grateful for all who played and enjoyed the game. Thank you to you all.”

The decision to suspend the game was met with displeasure by the large audience of players who have spent their time and money on this game, as there is no proper explanation or requirement. Another audience expressed their regret that this game, in which they had a pleasant and enjoyable time and had a passion for sports, was stopped due to unknown reasons.

Why is PES Club Manager shutting down?

Continuing the franchise with the name eFootball, PES caused great disappointment in the latest version of eFootball 2022. While it was intended to be a turning point in football games due to being free and having cross-platform support, the fans faced a huge disaster. Quality drops, bugs and many problems drew the reaction of the players, and the delay of eFootball Mobile caused the reaction to grow exponentially.

Although it is normal for the producer to cut support for a game that was released in 2015, players who dedicate a large part of their money and time to this game are right to react strongly.

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