Founder Stories: Leaving Crytek to found a game studio

Batuhan Avucan interviews Abdurrahman Kurt about him leaving Crytek, founding Hyperlab Games, and much more.

In this interview, Batuhan Avucan welcomes Abdurrahman Kurt, Co-Founder, and CEO of Hyperlab Games, and congratulates him on the investment they acquired amounting to 7.5 million dollars. They talk about Kurt’s experiences working in a corporate game developer like Crytek. He mentions that one of the most valuable abilities he gained while working in such an environment was predicting problems and planning ahead.

Avucan mentions that a PC game company’s dynamics, market, and target audience differ entirely from a mobile game company. So he asks if they experienced any problems or difficulties transitioning from a PC game company and starting a mobile game company. Kurt admits they had numerous challenges and a hard time getting used to the new environment. He adds that it would be easier if they hadn’t experienced working in a corporate PC game company. He explains that focuses and attitudes toward getting results, operational tempo, and quality are entirely different.

Avucan then asks a fundamental question: “Why did you choose mobile?” followed by an answer involving the mobile game industry’s fast pace and growth. Kurt continues his response by stating that they saw the mobile game industry as a business model, saw opportunities in that area, and took action. He also indicates that they took inspiration from mobile game companies like Gram Games and Peak Games.

The interview continues with Kurt discussing his relationship with his co-founders and partners. Also, their relationship with their publisher, Rollic Games. He tells how the company’s name, “Hyperlab” was founded. This interview with the Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperlab Games, Abdurrahman Kurt, is in Turkish and approximately 20 minutes long.

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