Leke Games introduced its mobile racing game TDZ X

Leke Games entered the top charts in the U.S. with its first casual game released on February 2023. The company’s new title is TDZ X.

Turkish mobile game company Leke Games introduced its AAA game, TDZ X: Traffic Driving Zone, at the PGC London event. Founded in June 2022, the local gaming firm previously launched its first casual game, TDZ, in February 2023, entering the top 100 games list in the United States by August 2023. Following this success, the Leke Games team is now focused on their new project, TDZ X.

Designed as a racing game, TDZ X features various game modes, including single-player, missions, and multiplayer, set to go live in February. The multiplayer mode will support up to 5 players simultaneously, offering different game modes.

Leke Games’ experienced team has equipped the game with rich dynamics, aiming to provide users with a realistic experience through lifelike visuals, physics, and sounds. The game, showcased at the PGC London event, includes 40 different vehicles, allowing players to enhance performance or customize appearances in their garages.

With the upcoming game set to launch in February, the Leke Games team aims to once again climb the ranks. Simultaneously, they aspire to carve a significant place in the mobile racing game category by working on different game modes and reflecting visual quality within the game.

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