Lost Hellden’s announcement trailer is revealed

Being developed by JRPG veterans at Artisan Studios, Lost Hellden’s announcement trailer has been revealed.
lost hellden in-game image with artisan studios logo.

Artisan Studios has a team of talents who have worked on renowned titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XII, Valkyria Chronicles, and Tactics Ogre. The studio has announced its latest project, Lost Hellden. Scheduled for release in 2025 on PC and consoles, the game promises to deliver a captivating JRPG experience.

Lost Hellden is set in the world of Era, where every life is tethered to a sin from birth. Players navigate this morally fraught landscape, where individuals strive to resist their assigned sin to earn a place in the Sacred Land of Hellden. Failure results in dire consequences, adding a layer of tension to the immersive narrative.

The game’s art direction, dubbed Deep 2D, offers a unique painted aesthetic, setting it apart from conventional JRPGs. Lost Hellden boasts a strategic action battle system, promising engaging gameplay dynamics. With an emphasis on rich storytelling, well-developed characters, and extensive character customization, the title aims to captivate players with its depth and complexity.

The development team features notable figures such as Takeshi Oga, known for his work on Gravity Rush and Final Fantasy XIV, who will handle illustrations. Hitoshi Sakimoto, acclaimed for his contributions to Final Fantasy XII and Valkyria Chronicles, will oversee music and audio direction.

Gamers can preview the game’s universe and gameplay mechanics with the announcement trailer and screenshots, providing a glimpse into the upcoming JRPG adventure.

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