Ludus Venture Studio Invests in Singapore-based Goama Gaming Platform

Ludus invests in Goama.
Ludus Goama
Ludus invests in Goama.

Goama, a Singapore-based gaming platform, has completed its latest investment round with the participation of Ludus, a Turkish Venture Studio. Goama will use this fund to expand partnership opportunities in new markets and expand the team that will support these partnerships.

Goama is a competitive casual esports game platform that blends casual and esports game categories, allowing users to compete in casual game categories and win prizes by ranking on live leaderboards.

The team behind this initiative aims to solve the big challenges that advertisers and mobile app developers face every day by turning mobile apps into a gaming powerhouse that encourages engagement and monetization. The team states that the result will be an improved user experience, an increase in transactions in the ecosystem of applications, and a social community built on competitive gaming.

Wayne Kennedy, Goama Co-Founder, and CPO said, “Our platform is built to support apps in every aspect and gamify an app in 2-4 weeks. By putting interaction and gamification at the center of product design, we offer an effective solution to the problems frequently encountered in applications.”

Ludus, a Turkish Venture Studio, has participated in Goama’s latest investment round. With this new strategic cooperation, Goama believes that Ludus will benefit from its knowledge in the mobile game industry, increasing its existing user base and bringing its platform to its potential.

Taro Araya, Goama co-founder and CEO, said: “Our long-term goal of achieving sustainable growth is based on a healthy corporate culture and an effective working team supported by our valued investors. With the support of Ludus Enterprise Studio, we prepared our teams to realize our Sustainable Growth Strategy, which will increase our sales in 2021-2022. With this strategy, we will focus on putting our initiatives into action ahead of schedule, doubling our current user base of over 100 million monthly active users.”

Seray Çalışkan, Finance Director of Ludus Venture Studio, said about this investment tour, “We are very happy to be a part of Goama. We expect Goama to be an indispensable business partner for advertisers and mobile application developers, thanks to its innovative and effective solution proposals. We believe that we will see aggressive growth figures in this market in the short term, thanks to the interest shown by the brands in the “Super App” market.”

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