Makea Games introduces the ultimate parkour game

Finnish developer Makea Games Introduces Supermoves, The Ultimate Parkour Party Game Armed With The Powerful Makea Editor

Makea Games, a Finnish developer focused on user-generated content, announces Supermoves, a parkour-centric party game launching in late 2024 for PC. Supermoves blends online multiplayer, intricate movement mechanics, and a powerful level editor, offering diverse gameplay options for both competitive and creative players.

Supermoves features first and third-person parkour mechanics, allowing players to execute a variety of moves such as handstands, rail grinds, and wall runs. Navigate vibrant environments spanning rooftops, industrial complexes, and skyscrapers, overcoming obstacles and avoiding hazards like sharks and ball pits.

Hone your skills in a single-player campaign with objectives and rewards. In online multiplayer, choose from eight game modes, including Rising Tide, where the floor gradually rises into a ball pit, or Bomb Tag, a fast-paced chase mode. Playlists can be created for extended sessions, culminating in Royale or Tournament showdowns.

Supermoves empowers players with the Makea Editor, a user-friendly tool accessible directly in-game. Design custom parkour challenges, game shows, or leisure areas with ease. Remix existing levels and collaborate with friends in real time to build imaginative play spaces. Share your creations online and explore the community’s diverse offerings.

Supermoves caters to parkour enthusiasts who want to practice and refine real-world parkour skills in a safe, virtual environment. It also lets players design unique levels, test parkour mechanics, and share their creations with the community. Competitive players can compete in challenging online modes, climb leaderboards, and participate in tournaments. It also focuses on social gamers who want to enjoy chaotic multiplayer experiences and collaborate on building imaginative levels with friends.

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