Merge Mansion celebrates 35M downloads with special guests

Metacore partnered with Pedro Pascal to release a new viral ad campaign, which has been viewed collectively nearly 37M times and counting.
Pedro Pascal is going through pizza boxes to find clues.

Helsinki-based game company Metacore celebrated Merge Mansion’s 35 million milestone with a special event at the Paramour Estate in Los Angeles with special guests that included The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal, Only Murders in the Building’s Jesse Williams and Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, among others.

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At the event, guests had the special chance to be thrust into the story of Merge Mansion by entering a real-life version of the Boulton family mansion where they were tasked with finding clues, solving puzzles and working together with the hopes of finding out exactly what Grandma Ursula is hiding.

Metacore partnered with Pedro Pascal for the release of a new viral ad campaign, which has been viewed collectively nearly 37M times and counting since its initial release on March 10, called A Twisted Game. Merge Mansion also released two additional shorts featuring Pascal called Think Like a Grandma and A Recipe to Die For.

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where players help Maddie Boulton uncover her family’s secrets through renovating the neglected family estate owned by her Grandma Ursula – who definitely has main character energy.

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