MetaBirds unveils exciting NFT game

MetaBirds NFTs will compete in the virtual world as playable game characters.
MetaBirds NFT
MetaBirds has announced its play-to-earn NFT game.

MetaBirds is publicly releasing its new, unique, and exciting play-to-earn NFT mobile game in retro 8-bit style on January 25. Each egg will reveal a surprise bird that can compete against other birds. The winner of each race will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins.

10,000 MetaBirds will be distributed after launch. Once eggs are minted (or purchased), MetaBirds will appear on the blockchain, where players can compete, participate in tournaments, and battle their friends for a place on the leaderboard while earning cryptocurrency.

“MetaBirds are cute and are ready to race,” says Noel Serrato, Founder of MetaBirds.

MetaBirds has a comprehensive roadmap and big rewards planned. The first quarter of 2022 includes the whitelist period, egg printing, and launch of the game. The second quarter is expected to bring expanded game modes, major partnership deals, and special real-world events for bird owners.

MetaBirds, which hosts daily competitions, is no stranger to the reward system. Their latest announcement revealed that a lucky member who owns Elon Musk MetaBird would win $100,000 or the Tesla CyberTruck reward. Various other birds will also receive cash prizes.

Along with retro-style gameplay, a solid roadmap, and incredible gifts, MetaBirds has a strong following and engaged community. The members chat on various platforms about the emerging birds, giveaways, and the latest rumors surrounding the project. There are even rumors that MetaBirds is getting support from Dong Nguyen, the famous game developer behind Flappy Bird. We can say that this development reveals the strong potential of MetaBirds in the world of NFT and video games.

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