Metaverse NFT Meetup will take place on April 14

Attendees can RSVP to the metaverse event for Free and Join Event in Venu through a PC or VR!
Metaverse NFT Meetup
Metaverse NFT Meetup will take place on April 14.

Experience NFT art, Network with artists, network and grow communities at the Metaverse NFT meetup April 14 4pm to 5pm PT. Join the NFT exhibit showcasing worlds first network of ESG NFT’s, Panel discussion including Youtuber/Investor Inspector mindblow, NFT Consultant Akafoley and Influencer Kieran Hedley.The event is aimed at providing upcoming NFT artists a platform to showcase their art, while allowing the audience to learn about NFTs and discover emerging artists.

For more information about event, please click the link below;

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