Mobidictum 2022 recap

Let’s take a look back into the year 2022 and summarize what Mobidictum has been up to throughout the year.

2022 has been an eventful year for the whole world as well as Mobidictum. Nevertheless, we have been committed to our mission of being a hub for the game industry. Throughout the year, we have focused on expanding our influence as a game industry news medium, broadening our network, and assisting entrepreneurs with game industry veterans.

As we approach the end of the year, looking back at what we have achieved allows us to benchmark our performance along with the courage and determination to achieve more. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished this year.

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Mobidictum Business Conference took place at the Haliç Congress Center on the 5th and 6th of September. With the support of 93 of our valued sponsors, the event welcomed 2046 attendants and 100 speakers from 56 countries.

Mobidictum Business Meetup İzmir took place on May 13 in İZQ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to bring local game developers, service providers, publishers, and investors of the game industry together. Fourteen speakers and more than 200 attendants from more than 100 different companies.

Mobidictum Business Network #3 was held as a 3-day online event to bring together leading game companies, game developers, investors, and service providers. The “Virtual Expo” allowed new game companies to showcase themselves, while “Indie Spot” was a chance for hidden talents to come forward. 

Mobidictum Business Meetup İstanbul took place in Maslak Kolektif House on January 27. In this organization, Mobidictum has brought together key people and novices from the game industry in a series of events.

Besides the events that brought together people from the game industry, Mobidictum has been growing its online presence on online platforms. It has enjoyed more than 800.000 pageviews. The number of email subscribers has exceeded 10.000. The social media presence of Mobidictum has also been growing along with its influence, with more than 2 million LinkedIn impressions and 200.000 Twitter impressions. Although the Mobidictum Instagram account is relatively new, it has acquired more than 500.000 impressions on the platform.

As Mobidictum, we are excited about the new year and to face the challenges that will come forth with it.

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