Mobidictum Interviews – Tunahan Oduncu / SocialPeta

As Mobidictum Conference is approaching, our interviews continue. This time our guest is Tunahan Oduncu, Key Account Manager of SocialPeta
Tunahan Oduncu of SocialPeta

To be successful in the advertising world, it’s essential to know what your competitors are doing, what channels they are using, what creative ideas they are trying, and what results they are achieving. Advertisers often have to rely on their trial-and-error methods, which can waste time and money. This is where SocialPeta, a leading advertising intelligence platform, comes in. SocialPeta’s Key Account Manager, Tunahan Oduncu, told us about SocialPeta’s focus areas, advantages, and plans.

Let us introduce you and, of course, SocialPeta to our followers.

Hello! I’m Tunahan, the Key Account Manager at SocialPeta. I’m living in Istanbul. It’s glad to have this interview.

We launched SocialPeta in 2015, and since then, we’ve passionately delved into advertising analysis, offering insights into top ad creatives, networks, and their strategies. Our platform spans data from over 80 global ad networks across 70 countries. Today, we proudly collaborate with over 1,000 enterprise clients, including big names like Google, Tencent Games, and TikTok, to name a few.

We have over 130 employees worldwide, including excellent overseas employees in Vietnam, Turkey, and India, to provide prompt service to global customers.

Can you tell us about the areas SocialPeta focuses on?

SocialPeta is dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the advertising landscape. Our primary focus lies in analyzing top ad creatives, which gives advertisers a clear picture of what’s trending and effective in the market. We also delve deep into various ad networks, understanding their dynamics, reach, and effectiveness.

This helps our clients choose the right platforms for their campaigns. Moreover, we’re constantly researching and updating our knowledge on effective marketing strategies. Doing so ensures that our clients are always a step ahead in their advertising game. In essence, SocialPeta is a one-stop solution for advertisers, offering everything from creative insights to strategic guidance.

Can you explain with examples how SocialPeta helps gaming startups with user acquisition?

Certainly! SocialPeta plays a pivotal role in aiding gaming startups with user acquisition. Let me illustrate with some real-world examples:

VNGGames in Vietnam: VNGGames has been collaborating with SocialPeta in advertising marketing since December 2020. With the ad creatives and marketing inspiration from SocialPeta, VNGGames accelerated its game publishing process globally. They leverage features like Ad Creatives and Cost Intelligence to find high-quality ad creatives and understand their audience preference. This not only saves them time but also helps in cost control.

Another client, Soha Games, mentioned that applying quality advertising from abroad helps reduce CPM prices by 15%, and CPI drops to approximately 10% depending on the genre of game SohaGame released. While new marketing trends helped them capture market trends, they created their own publication to match the potential audiences. For example, they found their audiences like playable ads via SocialPeta, so they focused on making creatives that simulate the playable ads creative, which resulted in a CR increase of about 8%.

What advantages does SocialPeta’s app intelligence analytics tool provide to app developers and publishers?

SocialPeta’s app intelligence analytics tool is a game-changer for app developers and publishers. It offers a plethora of advantages:
             Comprehensive Ad Analysis: With access to over 1.3 billion ad creatives from 70 countries and 80 mainstream channels, developers can gain insights into what’s trending and effective.
            Cost Intelligence: This feature provides a clear benchmark on ad costs, especially on platforms like Facebook. It’s based on data from more than 5 million global advertisers.
             Real-time Updates: SocialPeta ensures that the latest materials and data are updated in real time, providing fresh insights and keeping developers ahead of the curve.

 Multi-dimensional analysis capability: The product isn’t just about ad insights; it’s also about understanding the entire advertising ecosystem. With our platform, developers can tap into the world’s most extensive ad library, getting a front-row seat to what’s trending. Want to know what your competitors are up to?

 Our advertiser analysis deepens into advertising trends, breaking down ad themes, copy details, and more. With our monitoring tools, you can keep an eye on industry leaders, understand their strategies, and refine your own. In essence, SocialPeta offers a 360-degree view of the advertising world, ensuring you’re always in the know.

What are SocialPeta’s position and goals in the Turkish market?

No one can ignore the immense potential of the Turkish gaming market. Turkey is one of the New Silk Road countries and an important market for us.

In Turkey, our primary goal is to empower local advertisers, developers, and publishers with unparalleled ad intelligence. We aim to provide them with the tools and insights needed to optimize their campaigns, understand market dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, considering the burgeoning game industry in Turkey, SocialPeta is committed to assisting gaming startups in their user acquisition strategies, ensuring they achieve maximum reach and engagement.

What can you say about SocialPeta’s future plans and vision?

SocialPeta envisions becoming the go-to ad intelligence platform globally. Our future plans revolve around continuous innovation, expanding our database to include even more ad creatives and e-commerce products, and refining our analytical tools.

We’re also looking to forge stronger partnerships and collaborations, especially in emerging markets like Turkey. Our ultimate goal is to empower every advertiser, developer, and publisher with the insights they need to succeed in this dynamic advertising landscape.

What do you think about Mobidictum Conference, and what are your expectations for this year’s conference?

SocialPeta began collaborating with Mobidictum in 2021 and has been participating in nearly all their hosted events.

Mobidictum Conference is a significant event in the region, especially for the game industry. It’s a fantastic platform for industry leaders to connect and collaborate. We’re thrilled to be a part of it and very glad to have a booth in the Kuleli Building and join a panel there.

Our company has previously participated in the Mobidictum Conference, where we met numerous business and marketing partners and some potential clients and obtained their information.

Firstly, we hope to engage with the vibrant community of developers, advertisers, and industry experts present at the conference. Additionally, it would be good to introduce ourselves for people to know more about us, like how our tool can assist them in their game marketing and publishing efforts.

Thank you for this lovely interview. 🙂

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