Mobile Anime Games For Anime Fans

You have surely watched anime or come across one in a part of your life. We prepared a list of mobile anime games for anime fans. Spoiler: It’s a list of good games!  

Mobile Anime Games For Anime Fans

Anime games are among the popular games, have you ever played a mobile anime game? If you have never played a mobile anime game before, you can check out these games we have prepared for you.

anime games
Mobile anime games

NinjaGirls: Reborn

Ninja Girls was one of the most popular anime-style games in 2016 and include hundreds of 0Anime Girls under the command of master summoners. Ninja Girls is also a game that combines tactics and manual micro features. Each player should take into account not only the skill composition between Battle Girl but also the skill timing to conquer challenging missions while enjoying the competition with other players in VS Player.

The biggest feature of Ninja Girls is the processing of our character as Japanese Anime style Battle Girls, each of the Battle Girls, led by hundreds of masters, has their own background story and unique skills. If you want to dominate the world of summoners, you need tactics and powerful compositions to beat not only your Battle Girls’ unique skills but also your opponents.

Shoujo City

Shoujo City is an anime dating simulator game that combines the gameplay of bishoujo visual novels and sandbox-style city exploration adventure. The game is set in virtual 3D Tokyo and focuses on anime and otaku culture. At the beginning of the game, you will get your own unique anime girlfriend and then you will have to take care of her by exploring the city together during various dating events.

Anime Sniper

To combat Tokyo’s alien invasion, Laika, Anette, Yumi, and Saori join an elite sniper team and take on increasingly difficult missions and train their shooting skills. This is an independent spin-off from the Shoujo City game that we mentioned above. You will feel rain, snow, wind, falling leaves in the game with realistic weather conditions. Wind and distance to the target affect the shells. Available weapons include sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, futuristic weapons, each with their own mechanics and animations. After completing the missions, you will receive bonus points that you can use to get new weapons or weapon upgrades.

Epic Seven

The 7th world has begun. Diche, the Goddess of Life, summoned her diminishing power and once again called the Guardians and the Heir to the Convention: “My children, I entrust this world to you.”

With its wide and interesting story, Epic Seven invites you to the 7th world. It offers dazzling skill animations in battle with fully playable 2D animations. Challenge other heirs and prove your strength by fighting against players from all over the world in real-time.

Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos

Get ready to fight as you like in Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos game. It is a real-time 2D fighting game where you can fight more than 30 heroes and villains from anime and manga. Do you always want to fight anime characters and hunters, ninjas, shinigami, wizards, heroes or more from different universes? Fight against heroes from the same universe, a different universe, or villains from different anime universes that can never get together. Now, these are all collected in one game.

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