Mobile games ads in China are getting smarter

mobile games ads

Mobile games ads are important because it lets you reach new players that can enjoy your game. We have seen a lot of different ad campaigns which many of them were next level advertising. The video which we added below really show us how advertisement in China reached a whole new level. The ad we are talking about is for Princess Connect! Re:Dive, a game that it’s published by Bilibili in China.

Mobil games ads on real building using barcode

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a mobile RPG developed by CyGames. Earlier this month, Bilibili published the game in China. It had 6.5 million pre-registrations before it launched. When it did, it was the most downloaded iOS game while it reached third place on the iOS game revenue chart. Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners published the video that you can watch at the end showing how Bilibili put a massive QR code on the side of their building. This made people curios, therefore, they opened their phones and scanned the code which redirected them to the game’s download page.

mobile games ads

As we mentioned above, Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Cygames. It released in Japan on February 15, 2018, for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, an anime television series adaptation by CygamesPictures premiered on April 6, 2020. In Princess Connect! Re:Dive, players can form a party of up to 5 members to participate in various modes such as main quests and player versus player (PvP) arena modes.

The Chinese entertainment platform is more popular than ever now. Putting a massive QR code on a building is really unique when we look at most mobile games ads. Back in April, Sony paid $400 million for a minority stake in Bilibili which made the company’s value $8 billion. If you are interested in mobile games ads, Consumer Acquisition, which provides fully-managed user acquisition and SaaS tools for social advertisers is giving free access!

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