Most downloaded mobile games of July 2022

Here are the most downloaded mobile games in July 2022, across iOS and Android.
Stumble Guys avatars running away from danger

The reliable data provider Sensor Tower shared its July 2022 report for the most downloaded mobile games of July 2022. These are, of course, estimated numbers, but they help to paint a clear picture of how what’s trending in the mobile games market.

Per Sensor Tower’s data, Kitka Games’ Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys continues to grow, in fact, the game took the number one spot in overall downloads, taking over Subway Surfers from Sybo and Garena Free Fire from Garena.

Stumble Guys was downloaded over 30.5 million times in July 2022, the increase in the number of downloads is about ten times compared to the previous year, showing once again Kitka Games played its cards right. Indonesia is the country with the most downloads (19.4%) followed by the US with 10.4%.

Sybo’s Subway Surfers lost the top position, but the number of downloads saw an increase of 40.6%, up to 26.2 million installs year-over-year. India (15%) and Brazil (10.3%) are the top two countries boosting Subway Surfers’ numbers.

Three charts showing the names of games with the most downloads across iOS and Android, also overall

Garena Free Fire, Roblox, and Ludo King are ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively in terms of total downloads worldwide.

Mobile games nearing 5 billion downloads monthly

Stumble Guys Fall Guys clone

The data provider said the global mobile games market saw over 4.8 billion downloads during the 31-day period and the number of downloads increased by 1.5% percent year-over-year.

According to the report, India accumulated the most downloads in July 2022 with 784 million installs (16.2%), followed by the United States (%8.6) and Brazil (%8.5). China is missing from the list due to Google Play, among other Google services, not being available in the country.

An interesting bit Sensor Tower caught was only two hyper-casual games being on the list at this time: Bridge Race from Supersonic and Hair Tattoo from Azur Games. The data suggests this is the first time the hyper-casual genre generated less than a billion downloads (973.2 million)since November 2020.

Hands holding a phone, playing a hypercasual game with Google Play logo in the background

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