Most popular games 2024

Explore the latest milestones and achievements of the most popular PC, console, and mobile games, showcasing unprecedented growth and player engagement in the gaming industry.
The most popular PC, console, and mobile games at this moment

The most popular games set new benchmarks in the gaming industry, reflecting unprecedented growth and player engagement. Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series has surpassed 100 million players, while Star Citizen’s revenues have skyrocketed past $700 million, backed by over 5.2 million supporters.

  • Rise of Kingdoms revenue exceeded $3.5 billion. 25.6% of all money came from the U.S., 14.4% from China, and 12.6% from South Korea. South Korea is the leader in RPD ($142) and ARPDAU ($5). China (RPD, $6; ARPDAU, $4.6) and the U.S. (RPD, $62; ARPDAU, $3.3) are behind it.
Rise of Kingdoms Surpasses $3.5 Billion in Cumulative Global Revenue
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